Stevens Calypsophot Flash Gun

I recently got a surprise when I opened the sealed boxes of the last UW camera's collection I bought. It was like a very rare Calypsophot Flash Gun.

The Grip was shorter, the flash reflector was bigger and wider, besides, 4 plastic tubes containing 9-10 flash bulbs each one were attached to the grip. The top of the tubes was closed or sealed by some kind of rubber sheath. The synchro Flash connection is the original for the Calypsophot Camera.

At first sight I though that it was a handmade modification  by a clever UW photographer.

When looking for some information about it in my UW Photography library, I found that the french book : "Voyage Aux Abymes" (Voyage to the Abysm) by Jacques Stevens, Arthaud Publishers 1973, in which, in one of his photographs showed him and his diving's friend with all their UW photography stuff.

Jacques and his partenaire are both carrying a flash like the one I got, plugged to their own Calypsophot Cameras. Other two modified Calypso  flashes are on the deck of the boat. All have only 2 plastic tubes, but the Jacques' one has 4 tubes.

Regarding this I can conclude:

1) It was not an unique unit made by someone.

2) Until now I have not had any information about a small manufacturer who could have sold this rare model.

3) If I accept that this model was designed and made by Jacques Stevens himself, then the one I got is his own Calypsophot Flash Gun. I should ask him or someone near him for more information.

If according to the photograph 4 were made, 3 other Stevens Calypsophot with 2 tubes are probably hidden somewhere in France.

This customized Flash represents a real novelty in the knowledge of the Calypsophot History. The seller has confirmed that he got it in the south of France some years ago.

I must open and clean it to get some inside photos, but this is for other day.

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